Dog Obedience Training

Have you recently welcomed a new dog or puppy into your household?  Do you love all of its adorable antics, but have found that he has also brought with some undesirable behaviors?  Does he love to jump up enthusiastically on all visitors who enter your home, barks at anything that comes into his line of sight or delightfully drags you down the road when out on walks?  If these scenarios sound familiar, the Lakes Area Humane Society has the perfect class for you and your pet!


The Lakes Area Humane Society offers Basic Dog Obedience training throughout the year.  In our five-week training program, you will learn how to train your pet to heel, sit, stay and come on command.  In addition, you will be provided assistance with any other behaviors that your pet may be struggling with.  Our classes are small enough for individual attention and offer a fun and relaxed environment to learn. 


The classes will be lead by a professional trainer who has taught literally hundreds of dogs through both group and one-on-one training.  In addition, he has written numerous articles on dog behavior and training and brings with a common sense element to these classes that cannot be learned through books.


Obedience training is the cornerstone upon which great dogs are built.  It makes them better companions, more trustworthy household pets and better hunters. Every responsible dog owner owes it to his or her dog to spend the time required in teaching basic obedience.  So, please join us for a fun and relaxed learning experience! 


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