The Lakes Area Humane Society accepts surrendered/relinquished pets from owners who are no longer able to provide care for them.  To schedule a surrender appointment, an owner can call the LAHS Shelter at 320-759-2260. If calling when the shelter is closed, please leave a message and a staff member will call you during the next business day.

At that time, the shelter staff will ask for information regarding the need to surrender, the pet’s health/veterinary history and an overview of the animal’s behaviors. This enables the LAHS staff and owner to discuss their pet’s specific needs and make a determination if LAHS is the best placement option for them. If so, a date will be scheduled to arrange for the animal’s surrender. Please note that only the owner of pet can arrange for his /her pets surrender.

A donation to help offset the cost of housing and necessary veterinary care is required and will be determined on a pet by pet basis.  The average cost to care for each animal arriving at LAHS ranges from $300 to $500 per pet.  The LAHS relies heavily on these donations to provide the best care possible to the animals entrusted to our care and to continue to offer these valuable services to our community.

The following is a list of the base donations requested for residents within Douglas County:
Dog                               $50
Cat                                $50
Kittens/Litter              $75
Puppy/Litter               $75
Others                          $20
**Rabbits, Ferrets, Guinea Pigs, etc.

*These fees are not required for stray animals found in specific impounding locations. See the Found/Stray animal page for details.

Please Note:  Pet owners who reside outside of Douglas County can call for surrender fees as they may differ from those listed above.