Found/Stray Animals

If you have found a stray animal, please do the following:

  • Check with the neighboring homes and/or farms to see if pet belongs to homeowners. Typically, most animals that are found are within 1-2 miles from their home.
  • Call the local law enforcement center to see if anyone has reported the pet missing.
    • In the City of Alexandria, please call the Alexandria Police Department at 320-763-6631. The City of Alexandria Police Department will pick up animals for individuals residing in the City of Alexandria if needed.
    • If located in Douglas County, please call the Douglas County Sheriff’s Department at 320-762-8151.
    • If you are located outside of Douglas County, call the Sheriff’s Department located in that county. If located near another county, please call both Sheriff’s Departments in your area.
  • Call the local humane society to see if a pet has been reported missing. If you are located near other counties sure to contact all humane societies near that area.  The humane society will provide additional information if you wish to bring the pet in to the shelter.  It is extremely important that animals stay in the counties/cities that they are found so that an owner has the ability to locate and claim them.
    • If found in Douglas County, please call the Lakes Area Humane Society at 320-759-2260.
  • If an animal has a Rabies tag, please call the veterinary clinic listed as they will be able to connect with the pet’s owner.
  • If you wish to keep an animal in your care while seeking an owner, it is helpful to visit a humane society or veterinary clinic so that the pet can be scanned for a microchip ID.

**Please note: Animals found in Alexandria Township, the City of Alexandria or LaGrand Townships may be brought into the shelter without prior authorization. Animals found in any other location in Douglas County will require authorization prior to bringing in.